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Transforming Orange Tassie Oak with White Lime Wash - Williamstown

Introduction - White lime wash on Tassie Oak

At MyFlooring, we recently helped a client transform their very orange Tassie Oak flooring. The previous finish had turned orange over time, which the client did not like. They asked us to create several sample finishes to find the perfect look for their modern interior.

Client Concerns and Our Solutions

The main concern for the client was the orange tint of their Tassie Oak flooring. Fortunately, the timber underneath was naturally bright, so bleaching was unnecessary. Instead, we opted for a stronger white lime wash than previously used. Although the lime wash appeared intense in sample photos, applying it uniformly across the floor ensured a harmonious blend of colours, eliminating the orange tint.

The Design for the Client

We used a bright white lime wash to give the timber a fresh, modern look. To protect and enhance this finish, we applied a water-based polyurethane in a satin finish. The slight sheen of satin provided a beautiful contrast to the white lime wash without overpowering the natural beauty of the timber.

The Outcome

The result was outstanding. The strong white lime wash removed the orange colouring, and the satin finish gave the floors a subtle shine that perfectly complemented the client’s modern interior. The wear and tear on the timber were also addressed, leaving the floors looking new and pristine. The client was delighted with how their white kitchen now looked much better with the new flooring.

Benefits of Matt and Satin Finishes

  1. Matt Finish:

  • Elegant Look: Provides a soft, natural look that reduces glare.

  • Durability: Contrary to belief, matt finishes are durable and can withstand heavy use.

  1. Satin Finish:

  • Subtle Shine: Offers a slight sheen that enhances the wood’s natural beauty.

  • Durability: The myth that satin finishes are less durable than matt is unfounded; both provide excellent protection.

Benefits of White Lime Wash

  1. Neutralisation: White lime wash effectively neutralises yellow and orange tones in timber.

  2. Harmonious Look: Creates a uniform appearance that blends seamlessly across the entire floor.

  3. Modern Aesthetic: Enhances the wood with a contemporary, stylish look that complements modern interiors.


This project highlights the transformative power of a strong white lime wash combined with a satin finish. By addressing the orange tint and enhancing the timber's natural brightness, we created a beautiful, modern flooring solution that perfectly matched the client's interior. At MyFlooring, we are committed to delivering tailored solutions that meet our clients' aesthetic and functional needs.


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