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Transform the look of your timber floor with the premium direct-dye staining method offered by MyFlooring - enhance the color and bring new life to your space.

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What is Staining Timber?

MyFlooring’s direct-dye staining method is a premium process to change or strengthen already existing colour tones of your timber floor.
This effect, alongside colouring the timber, can enhance the grain and heighten its contrast with the rest of the timber.
A dark toned floor is normally perceived as sophisticated, contrasty and most importantly- dramatic. The dramatic tones which contrast against light furniture/ walls create an artistic interior. Suitable for wide spacious areas with curated view lines.

To ensure quality and the best possible results- we apply stains directly to unsealed timber. Never mixing with varnish or apply on top of varnished timber.

There are many different types of wood stains available on the market-

  • Pigment stains (turpentine base)

  • Fade resistant stain (spirit base)

  • Water based

  • Oil modified/ oil based

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Note for clients

Before changing the shade of your timber, please consider the following:

  • Timber cannot achieve a lighter tone than it’s original. If you are wishing to lighten the look of the timber please look at our Liming/ Bleaching services.

  • Inconsistently in the flooring- for example: different timber species, trafficked ware and different timber age- Can show visibly in the final product. Expectations should be set where between inconsistency between timber is not perfectly matched.

    • If you are looking for a more consistent final product- please have a look at our Liming service. As the service uses much higher opacity product to cover more of the inconsistency.

  • Old and/or porous timbers will absorb more stain and will possibly appear darker than newer and/or less porous timber.

  • The colour of the stain will appear richer when clear finish is applied.


What is Tinting?

Tinting may seem cheap, but it's not effective. Tinting blends stains with varnish and applies it on top of the existing coating. The tint stays between the varnish layers, not penetrating the timber. Peeling or scratching can cause color differences, revealing the damage.

What is the Direct Dye Method?

MyFlooring uses direct staining for exceptional results. This method removes the top varnish to directly stain the timber with the desired color. A clear finish is then applied. Our chosen staining materials maintain the adhesive strength of the topcoat and prevent color discrepancies if scratched. Expertise is necessary for the best outcome. Contact us for more information.


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