A controlled chemical reaction that, once applied professionally, reacts with the surface timber tannins that enables dark timber flooring to visibly brighten. Works great with naturally dark timber floor to achieve a tone that is impossible with ordinary methods.


What is Bleaching?

A Premium way to Lighten up dark timber such as Jarrah without blocking its textural grain.


The Method

Bleaching might seem similar to liming as per photos on our website. As both methods creates a lighter interior. However, as opposed to a physical colour application, bleaching is a chemical reaction which removes darker tannins that are present in the timber.

As it is a chemical reaction the process of application and final results does depends on special methods of application- something we at MyFlooring has near 10 years in experience.


The Service

What We Provide


On Site Bleach Samples

Each interior is different- Literally. Not only the difference in timber (Species, age, condition) but also the room space, orientation, opening location can change how the interior can look. 

Thus- at MyFlooring, we take extra care to bleach on site. To show what the real outcome can look like. 


Dark to Light

Have naturally dark timbers? Such as Jarrah / Spotted Gum / Blue Gum? Well don't feel like your options are limited, we can Bleach it!

Timber tannins can be removed from your timber allowing you to choose a lighter/ modern feel to your property.

We can even get Spotted Gum to look like French Oak in complexion.



Ever wanted to change from a dark timber? Now there's a solution. 


See the Difference

IMG_3589 v2.jpg
IMG_3589 v1.jpg




Things to Consider


  • Able to maintain clear grain patterns in the timber.

  • Able to remove a large percentage of dark tannins- as opposed to trying to cover it up with lime.

  • A combination of bleaching, stain, lime has a higher chance of colour matching timber to another piece of timber of choice.

  • Other bleach chemicals produce harmful gas. However, we use a specially formulated bleaching system that only release oxygen and no harmful VOC’s.


  • Requires a lot more special care and time to bleach the timber.

  • Only flooring and certain aspects of stairs/ furniture can be bleached. Not all surfaces can accept the bleaching method.

  • The caustic effects can affect certain types of paint that are in contact with the flooring; such as skirting/ door jam paints.


Note for Clients

Please note that the final results does depend greatly on the original condition of the timber that will be bleached. Certain imperfections can be removed through the bleaching process- but expectations should be set where the final results can show signs of imperfection.
After bleaching, we can additionally apply a lime wash, or stain to get a colour/ tone that you will be satisfied by. We can apply an onsite sample test to confirm the right colour combination.


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