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Our state-of-the-art wire brush techniques accentuates the already existing textures of your timber flooring. It is a subtle but textural method to bring an aged and vintage look to your property.

Distressing: Service

What is Distressing?

A sophisticated and voguish finish, the wire brushed treatment naturally engraves texture that follows the grain within hardwood floors.
Normally sought for its calm, tranquil appearance which gives timber a rich vintage look. It is also a very subtle textural experience.

Distressing: Text



The process involves wire brushing the top surface of the timber after sanding. The stiff wire brushes would strip away and remove the soft wood fibers while the harder fibers would remain.


The overall effect is to highlight the natural richness and open the grain showing off intricate groves. The final product resembles both vintage aged texture, while also without discolouration or unexpected damages which comes hand in hand with vintage floor boards.

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We at MyFlooring provides the distressing service as a unique experience for our clients. The tools required and the technique is a result of company R&D and thus we would say that this service is difficult to find in other companies. We are passionate about our work and constantly looking for other services that we can provide to our clients.

Distressing: Welcome

Timber Species Matters

Before looking at Distressed timber- Please check your timber type

Distressing: List

Recommended Timbers

Baltic pine, American oak, and European oak are soft timbers and are common in residential properties that we found great success with our distressing techniques.

Not Recommended Timbers

However, higher density timbers with straight grain is not recommended for distressing; timbers such as Iron bark, Spotted gum, Black butt, and Jarrah.

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