Want to bring a sense of light and brightness into a room? Or just sick of the same timber colour? Why not think about liming? MyFlooring provides a special service to brighten-up your property by lightening your floors to achieve the new modern look.


What is Liming?


Liming your floors is a viable and cost effective way to transform your interior to a more modern, contemporary and visibly spacious design.
As a lighter interior bounces light more effectively than darker interiors- to the human eye; it can make smaller spaces feel more spacious and vibrant. It is becoming one of the most popular colour options that we provide for our clients who wish to stay away from the darker, more traditional looks.


The Direct Method

Liming is a white wash- much like staining- is applied over bare timber. This direct method also preserves the timbers character- the grain, texture, and small imperfections such as knots. However, unlike stains- the white wash is a little bit more translucent and can cover more of the timber which can blend small imperfections. Creating a more uniform look in general.
We use quality products from Rubio, WOCA, and Porters paint.


Onsite colour tests

Get the right colour with Confidence

With 19 years of experiences under our belts, we are confident we can get you the right colour. With mixed sample consultation and onsite colour testing- we always communicate with our client for overall satisfaction and confidence. Also, much less anxiety.


Why choose Liming?


Contemporary Design

Liming is becoming more and more popular and mainstream. Its versatility matching any contemporary design. 

"It does not stay light for long" or "It's hard to keep clean" are also misinformation.

Small places, Feel Bigger

With both interior and natural light bouncing around the room, a lighter floor colour can make the space feel much bigger than a darker, heavily stained interior. 
If physical expansion is out of the question, maybe Liming is a viable option. For consideration.


Wood wash vs tinting

Tinting? Maybe reconsider

Alongside Staining- liming is conducted on bare timber.
Tinting is a cheaper option- however we would not recommend that option in our professional opinion.
As tinting involves mixing a lime solution with a wood varnish, with a white wash being trapped in between the already existing varnish and the top varnish. If ever the varnish will chip, peel or get scratch; so will the colour, revealing the original timber colour underneath.


Why Direct is better

At MyFlooring we do not use any lime mixed varnish- but rather lime directly on bare timber. This is not only the most effective method of liming as the original colour/ varnish is first completely removed. But also helps the longevity of the timber and colour.When the wood wash is completely dry, we apply a finish as chosen by our client. And the final results reveal itself.The wood wash product is chosen carefully not to impact the adhesive strength of the top coat.

Experience and Confidence

The liming process is not easy and requires a high level of proficiency and experience to create a near flawless final product. But not to worry; with 19 years of experience and many happy clients we can get the results you desire.


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We don't just do white wash- other colours are available