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Want to bring a sense of light and brightness into a room? Or just sick of the same timber colour? Why not think about liming? MyFlooring provides a special service to brighten-up your property by lightening your floors to achieve the new modern look.

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What is Liming?

Liming: Service


Transform your interior with cost-effective liming. Get a modern, contemporary and spacious look. The lighter hue increases light reflection, creating the illusion of more space. Liming is a popular choice for clients seeking a brighter alternative to traditional, darker tones. Contact us for more information.

The Direct Method

Transform your floors with liming, a white wash applied over bare timber. Preserve natural character with grain, texture and imperfections. Unlike stains, liming is translucent and covers more of the timber for a uniform look. Trust our quality products from Rubio, WOCA, and Porters Paint for the best results.

Liming: Features

Why choose Liming?

Contemporary Design

Liming gains popularity as a versatile option for contemporary design. Debunk myths: Liming stays light and is easy to maintain.

Small places, Feel Bigger

Maximize space with lighter floor color. Let interior and natural light enhance the room's illusion of size. If adding physical space is not possible, consider liming for a brighter, roomier look.

Onsite colour tests

Get the right colour with Confidence

With 19 years of experiences under our belts, we are confident we can get you the right colour. With mixed sample consultation and onsite colour testing- we always communicate with our client for overall satisfaction and confidence. Also, much less anxiety.

Wood wash vs tinting

Tinting? Maybe reconsider

Choose liming or staining on bare timber. Tinting may seem cheap, but it's not recommended. Tinting involves trapping a lime solution between varnishes. Chipping, peeling, or scratching varnish reveals the original timber color underneath.


Direct Wood Wash


Why Direct is better

MyFlooring uses direct liming on bare timber for the most effective and long-lasting results. The original color and varnish are fully removed. After the wood wash dries, a chosen finish is applied. Carefully selected products maintain topcoat adhesive strength for the best outcome.

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