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Timber Fix Baltic Pine and Tassie Oak with Sanding and Polishing - Williamstown

Sanding and Polishing: A Timber Fix Journey

Embark on a Timber Fix journey in Melbourne as we revive Baltic Pine and Tassie Oak floors with sanding and water-based polyurethane. Restore the natural beauty of your timber flooring.

Effectiveness of Sanding in Timber Fix

Sanding plays a vital role in Timber Fix projects, especially for delicate timbers like Baltic Pine. It removes imperfections, stains, and old finishes, revealing a fresh layer ready for restoration. Witness the transformation as we bring life back to your timber floors.


The process of sanding and polishing timber floors is a meticulous endeavor that begins with carefully stripping away the old finish to reveal the natural beauty of the wood. Each step is executed with precision, ensuring that imperfections are smoothed out and the surface is prepared for the application of water-based polyurethane.

As we apply the polyurethane, we do so methodically, layer by layer, to achieve a durable and protective finish that enhances the appearance of the timber while safeguarding it against wear and tear. Throughout the process, we pay close attention to detail, addressing any flaws or blemishes to ensure a flawless result.

Once the final coat of polyurethane has been applied and allowed to dry, the transformation is remarkable. The Baltic Pine and Tassie Oak floors, once dull and worn, now boast a renewed luster and elegance that enhances the overall aesthetic of the space.

In essence, sanding and polishing timber floors is not just about fixing imperfections—it's about restoring the inherent beauty of the wood and creating a timeless foundation for the space it inhabits. It's a meticulous process that requires skill, patience, and a deep appreciation for the natural charm of timber.

Benefits of Water-Based Polyurethane Finish

Discover the advantages of water-based polyurethane for your Timber Fix project. This durable finish enhances the wood's beauty while offering protection against wear and scratches. Quick drying and eco-friendly, it's the ideal choice for your Melbourne home.


Experience the Transformation: Your Timber Fix Solution

Experience the remarkable transformation of Baltic Pine and Tassie Oak timber floors in Melbourne. Our Timber Fix approach, including sanding and water-based polyurethane, rejuvenates worn wood, enhancing your home's beauty and longevity.


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