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Reviving Charm: Transformation of Vintage Baltic Pine Floorboards - Windsor

Steeped in history and echoing tales of the past, vintage baltic pine floorboards have graced homes with their distinctive character for generations. At MyFlooring, we recently embarked on a project to rejuvenate such a floor, breathing new life into the aged baltic pine while preserving its cherished history.

Unearthing the Grandeur of Baltic Pine Floorboards

Walking into the home, the allure of the baltic pine floorboards was evident, albeit dimmed by time. The bright orange hue of the aged wood, while radiant in its own right, was incongruous with the home's furnishings. Additionally, certain areas bore signs of wear and tear, requiring meticulous repairs and filling.

Custom Samples: A Spectrum of Choices

Understanding the client's need for a harmonious interior, we crafted an array of liming samples, allowing them to visualize the potential outcomes for their baltic pine floorboards. These samples ranged from subtle washes to more intense treatments.

A Light Touch: Modern Limewashed Baltic Pine Floorboards

After much consideration, the homeowners gravitated towards one of the lighter liming options. This decision proved impeccable. The chosen treatment transformed the vibrant orange of the baltic pine floorboards into a modern, subdued shade. This newly limewashed floor complemented the home's decor beautifully, striking a balance between vintage charm and contemporary aesthetics.


This project serves as a testament to the timeless beauty of baltic pine floorboards and the transformative power of expert craftsmanship. At MyFlooring, we pride ourselves on merging the past's legacy with the present's vision, ensuring spaces resonate with both history and modernity.


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