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New Revival: Sanding Timber Floor to Elevate Tassie Oaks' Charm - Mt Eliza

Tasmanian Oak, affectionately known as Tassie Oak, has adorned homes for generations with its distinctive character. Yet, like any treasured artifact, it sometimes needs a refresh to resonate with modern tastes. We recently had the pleasure of rejuvenating a client's Tassie Oak, casting aside its aged orange hues in favor of a luminous modernity.

The Challenge: From Orange Past to Radiant Present

Stepping into the property, the expansive interior space, illuminated by abundant natural light, was captivating. However, the existing state of the Tassie Oak flooring, with its worn orange tint, seemed incongruous against this bright backdrop. It demanded a treatment that would seamlessly blend the flooring with the home's airy ambiance.

The allure of a perfectly finished timber floor is undeniable. Yet, before any transformative process like liming, comes an essential step: sanding the timber floor. This crucial preparation not only smoothens the surface but also ensures that the subsequent finishes adhere uniformly, revealing the wood's true character.

Crafting Custom Colour Samples: Tailoring to the Client's Vision

One of the hallmarks of our service at MyFlooring is our commitment to customization. We understand that each space is unique and that a client's vision for their home is deeply personal. To ensure we align with these aspirations, we embark on a detailed colour sampling process before any final decisions are made.

The Art of Liming: A Journey into Timber's Subtle Elegance

Liming, a time-honored technique, introduces a whitewashed, airy feel to timber, softening its natural tones and adding a layer of serene elegance. Originally used to fill and highlight the grain in dense woods, liming has evolved into a sought-after finish, popular for its ability to give spaces a bright, contemporary feel while maintaining a touch of rustic charm.

Matte Finish: Modernity Meets Elegance

Given the property's vast interior and abundant light, our choice of finish was pivotal. We steered clear of high gloss or satin, which could potentially create excessive glare. Instead, we opted for a matte clear finish. This choice delicately emphasized the Tassie Oak's natural patterns without overpowering the space, creating a harmonious dance between the floor and the light streaming in.


The journey from a dated orange hue to a revitalized, matte-finished Tassie Oak underscores the transformative power of expert sanding and the right finish. At MyFlooring, we believe in recognizing the potential within each timber floor and crafting solutions that amplify a space's inherent beauty.


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