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Enhancing Baltic Pine with Lime Finish - Ascot Vale

Client's Request: Refining Baltic Pine Floors

Our client approached us with Baltic Pine floors that had been previously sanded by another contractor. They sought a subtle lime finish to enhance the wood's natural beauty without any streaks or obvious marks. Our task was clear: deliver a refined and elegant solution that met our client's specific requirements.


Sample Selection: Crafting the Perfect Hue

Understanding the importance of precision in meeting our client's vision, we crafted several lime finish samples. Each sample was meticulously prepared to showcase different shades and intensities, allowing our client to choose the perfect hue for their Baltic Pine floors. This step ensured that the final result would align perfectly with their expectations.

Onsite Samples:

Lime Application: Achieving Subtle Sophistication

Once the desired hue was selected, we proceeded with the application of the lime finish. Our skilled craftsmen executed this step with meticulous care, ensuring that the application was even and consistent across the entire surface of the Baltic Pine floors. The goal was to achieve a subtle coloration that enhanced the wood's natural beauty without overpowering it.

Coating Selection: Ensuring Long-lasting Protection

While a water-based polyurethane finish is commonly used for sealing timber floors, our client expressed concerns about its compatibility with the desired lime finish. Baltic Pine tends to take on a slightly yellow hue when sealed without lime, which can affect the final coloration. To address this, we carefully selected a specialized coating that not only provided the necessary protection but also perfectly complemented the lime finish, ensuring a seamless and harmonious result.

Client Satisfaction: Delivering Beyond Expectations

In the end, our efforts culminated in a result that exceeded our client's expectations. The Baltic Pine floors now exuded subtle elegance, with the lime finish enhancing their natural beauty while the specialized coating provided long-lasting protection. Our client was thrilled with the outcome, knowing that their floors not only looked stunning but were also well-protected for years to come.


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