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Tassie Oak Flooring Revival with Lime and Bona HD - Caufield


Some properties hold timeless treasures beneath their surfaces, waiting to be uncovered. In a recent project, we had the opportunity to breathe new life into a charming old property with Tassie Oak flooring. The property's new owner had removed the aging carpet, revealing Tassie Oak flooring that was showing its age - tired, orange, and in need of attention. The project involved sanding, liming, and a finish in Bona HD 2-Pack, guided by the client's vision and the creation of carefully considered samples.

Tassie Oak Flooring: A Hidden Gem:

Tassie Oak flooring, also known as Tasmanian Oak, is celebrated for its timeless elegance and warm, honeyed tones. However, with time, these floors can lose their luster, as was the case in this aging property.

The Unveiling: Old Tassie Oak Showing Its Age:

When the new property owner removed the carpet, they were greeted by a sight of well-worn Tassie Oak flooring. The wood had aged over the years, acquiring an orange hue and exhibiting signs of wear and tear. It was clear that a transformation was in order to restore the Tassie Oak's original allure.

The Restoration Process: Sanding, Liming, and Bona HD 2-Pack Finish:

The journey to revive the Tassie Oak flooring was a multi-faceted process. Here's how we brought this old flooring back to life:

  1. Sanding: The first step was to sand the Tassie Oak flooring. Sanding removed the old finish, imperfections, and signs of wear, providing a fresh canvas for the restoration.

  2. Liming: Given the aged, orange appearance of the wood, liming was employed to achieve a light, more neutral finish. Liming not only added a fresh aesthetic but also enhanced the wood's natural grain, bringing out its character.

  3. Client Brief and Sample Creation: Throughout the restoration process, we engaged in extensive discussions with the client to understand their vision. The client's input was invaluable, guiding the project's direction. We then created samples that allowed the client to visualize different finishing options, ensuring that their vision was translated into reality.

  4. Bona HD 2-Pack Finish: For the final touch, we applied a Bona HD 2-Pack finish. This finish, known for its durability and clarity, provided protection for the Tassie Oak flooring, ensuring it would withstand daily wear while maintaining its newfound beauty.

Conclusion: Renewed Beauty and Timeless Charm:

The restoration of the Tassie Oak flooring in this old property was a testament to the power of transformation. The aged and tired flooring was revitalized, revealing its timeless charm and innate elegance. With the careful guidance of the client's vision and the expertise of the restoration team, the property now boasts a Tassie Oak floor that is as beautiful as the day it was installed.

In the world of property restoration, the past is not just preserved, but it's also rejuvenated, ensuring that it continues to tell a story of time and beauty for generations to come.


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