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Restore Tasmanian Oak: Timber Liming & Matte Finishes - Flemington

Tasmanian Oak, with its innate elegance and versatility, has long been a favorite among timber enthusiasts. Yet, like any natural material, it too can bear the marks of time and environmental factors. Our recent project spotlighted the transformative power of timber liming on this revered wood.

The Tasmanian Oak Challenge

As we surveyed the floor, the effects of sun damage were evident. Patches of discoloured timber stood in stark contrast to the oak's natural beauty. While these imperfections told a story of their own, our mission was to harmonize the narrative, ensuring the floor reflected the homeowner's modern design aspirations.

Sanding & Timber Liming: Crafting Cohesiveness

Attentive and meticulous sanding was our initial step. By carefully removing the affected layers, we set the stage for a more uniform appearance. Timber liming then played its transformative role. The application subtly blended the disparate tones, infusing the Tasmanian Oak with a cohesive and refreshed look.

Matte Finishing: Modern Sophistication

The final brushstroke in our restoration was the application of a clear matte finish. This choice was deliberate. While glossier finishes might evoke a more traditional ambiance, the matte sheen resonates with modernity. It complements contemporary interiors, lending an understated sophistication that allows the interior design to shine, while the floor provides a subtly elegant backdrop.


Tasmanian Oak, when treated with the right techniques like timber liming and matte finishing, can seamlessly transition from a time-worn surface to a modern masterpiece. At MyFlooring, our commitment is to ensure every timber floor, no matter its initial state, achieves its fullest potential.


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