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Gum and Pine, Bleached and Limed in Modern Oak - Aberfeldie

In the world of interior design, blending contrasting timber varieties can present a unique challenge. In a recent project, our team at MyFlooring embarked on a remarkable journey, working with both Jarrah and Baltic Pine flooring. Through the transformative power of bleaching and liming techniques, we successfully harmonized the timber's complexion, achieving a modern oak color that seamlessly unified the space. Join us as we delve into this project, highlighting the remarkable synergy of Jarrah and Baltic Pine through expert treatment.

To realize the client's vision, we employed a combination of bleaching and liming techniques, placing special emphasis on the Baltic Pine flooring. Bleaching was skilfully applied to the darker timbers, effectively lightening their natural colours and reducing the reddish tones. This meticulous process retained the inherent character of the timber while achieving the desired lightness.

Through these transformative techniques, we achieved a delicate balance between the distinctive timbers, creating a timeless and elegant haven. The bleached and limed flooring not only realized the desired modern oak colour but also brought a sense of unity and flow to the entire interior design concept.


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