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Blue Gum Flooring: Red to Modernity - Coburg

Before: The Client's Concerns

Upon assessment of their blue gum flooring, the clients expressed a desire for a lighter, more modern aesthetic. While they admired the natural beauty and contrast of the timber, years of wear and damage had taken their toll, leaving the flooring looking tired and worn. Understanding the importance of maintaining the integrity of the timber's grain and contrast, the clients sought our expertise to revitalize their space while preserving its inherent charm.

-- Before --

How We Fixed Them

To address the clients' concerns, we proposed a comprehensive solution that involved sanding and refinishing the blue gum flooring. We carefully explained the process and its potential outcomes, ensuring the clients were fully informed and confident in our approach.

Recognizing their preference for a lighter tone, we provided a range of samples, including various lime options and a bleached sample. Through open communication and collaboration, we worked together to identify the ideal solution that would best meet their needs and expectations.

After Sanding: Preparation for Transformation

The sanding process commenced, with our skilled team meticulously removing years of wear and damage to reveal the pristine surface of the blue gum timber.

Special care was taken to preserve the natural grain and contrast of the timber, ensuring a seamless transition between the sanded and unsanded areas. As the transformation unfolded, the clients were impressed by the immediate improvement in the flooring's appearance and eagerly anticipated the next steps in the process.

-- Samples --

After Bleaching: Illuminating the Grain

With the decision made to forego lime application, we proceeded with the bleaching process to achieve the desired lightened aesthetic. Our team applied a specially formulated bleaching solution that effectively lightened the hue of the timber while enhancing the intricate grain patterns. The result was a stunning transformation that breathed new life into the blue gum flooring, creating a bright and modern backdrop for the clients' space.

-- Bleached and Sealed in Matt Waterbased --

Applying the Finish: Sealing in Brilliance

To protect and seal the newly rejuvenated flooring, we applied a high-quality finish that not only enhanced its visual appeal but also ensured long-lasting durability. Our team carefully selected a finish that would complement the lightened tone of the timber while providing superior protection against daily wear and tear. With meticulous attention to detail, we applied the finish evenly across the surface, leaving behind a smooth and lustrous sheen that added to the overall elegance of the space.

The Final Look: A Vision Realized

Upon completion of the project, the clients were thrilled with the results. The once tired and worn blue gum flooring had been transformed into a bright and modern centerpiece that perfectly complemented their space. The lightened tone of the timber brought a sense of freshness and vitality to the room, while the preserved grain and contrast added depth and character. Delighted with the outcome, the clients expressed their gratitude for our expert craftsmanship and dedication to exceeding their expectations.


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