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Blending Spotted Gum & Pine with Bleach and Lime - Camberwell

In the realm of interior design, blending different timber varieties can create a captivating and harmonious aesthetic. In a recent project, we embarked on a journey to blend engineered Spotted Gum and Baltic Pine using the transformative techniques of bleaching and lime. Join us as we explore how this unique combination has brought out the best of both timbers, resulting in a stunning and balanced interior.

Building upon the bleaching process, lime was introduced to enhance the transformative journey. Lime adds a touch of softness and subtle wash to the timber's surface, further unifying the overall appearance. With its white or grayish tones, the lime effect delicately interacts with the grain patterns of the Spotted Gum and Baltic Pine, resulting in a harmonious blend that exudes a sense of tranquility and natural beauty.

Through the transformative techniques of bleaching and lime, we have successfully blended engineered Spotted Gum and Baltic Pine, creating a visually stunning and harmonious interior. The synergy of these two timbers, with their distinctive features, brings a sense of balance and elegance to any space. The bleaching process lightens the tones, while the lime effect adds a touch of softness, resulting in a truly captivating blend. Embrace the beauty of engineered timber fusion and discover how bleaching and lime can unlock endless design possibilities.


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