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Iron Bark Bleaching: Timber Renewal - Brighton

Original Iron Bark: A Makeover Necessity

Embark on the journey of revitalizing worn, orange-toned Iron Bark floors. Originally bleached, the timber held untapped potential beneath a hardened polyurethane coat. Through meticulous sanding and priming, we prepared the canvas for a journey into the heart of timeless elegance.

Embarking on this process allowed us to not only restore but elevate the inherent beauty of the Iron Bark, setting the stage for a captivating metamorphosis.

Farewell to Polyurethane: Before and After

Polyurethane, while protective, can mask the true character of timber. In our showcase, witness the stark transition from the rigidity of polyurethane to the revelation of the natural brilliance of Iron Bark. Each layer removed unveils a renewed vibrancy, bringing us closer to the authentic allure of the timber beneath.

Our commitment goes beyond surface-level changes; it's about rediscovering the inherent charm that Iron Bark possesses.

The Power of Bleach: Erasing Orange, Revealing Oak

The magic unfolds with the application of bleach, eradicating the once-dominant orange hues and revealing the exquisite grain and texture of Iron Bark. The transformation from dated orange tones to a neutral, oaky palette is nothing short of magical. Iron Bark emerges, ready to embrace a new chapter of its life.

Through the power of bleach, we not only erased the past but allowed the Iron Bark to reclaim its identity with a renewed sense of elegance.

Limed Finish with Rubio Monocoat Oil:

The grand finale is marked by the application of a lime finish paired with Rubio Monocoat oil, creating a sensory masterpiece underfoot. The matte sheen not only captivates visually but invites touch, allowing the unique textures of Iron Bark to be both seen and felt. It's not just a floor; it's a tactile experience, an ode to the timeless charm of timber.

Our meticulous process ensures that the final limed finish and Rubio Monocoat oil not only enhance aesthetics but also celebrate the individuality of each plank of Iron Bark.

This project is not merely a renovation; it's a narrative of transformation and rediscovery. Your Iron Bark floors now stand as a testament to the journey of renewal, each plank echoing a story of timeless elegance. MyFlooring invites you to immerse yourself in the allure of these transformed spaces, where every step is a dance with the enduring charm of your unique, revitalized Iron Bark floors.


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