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Bleaching Jarrah Timber: A Renovation Journey - Footscray

Before: The Client's Concerns

Embarking on a property renovation, our client sought to transform their space, which featured dark Jarrah timber flooring that was significantly darker than typical.

Eager to refresh their home, they expressed a desire for a lighter, more contemporary look while avoiding the vibrant red hues often associated with Jarrah timber. Recognizing the need for a comprehensive solution, they entrusted us with the task of revitalizing their flooring.

How We Fixed Them

To address the client's concerns, we proposed a multi-step approach that began with sanding the dark Jarrah timber back to its raw state. This process allowed us to remove years of built-up finishes and reveal the natural beauty of the timber.

With a blank canvas established, we proceeded to bleach the flooring, lightening its tone while preserving the integrity of the timber's grain and texture. Throughout the process, we prioritized open communication and collaboration, ensuring the client's vision was realized every step of the way.

-- After Sanding / Very Red --

After Sanding: Preparation for Transformation

The sanding process commenced, with our skilled team meticulously removing the existing finish to unveil the raw beauty of the Jarrah timber.

As the dark layers were stripped away, the clients witnessed the potential for a dramatic transformation, eagerly anticipating the next phase of the project.

-- Samples --

After Bleaching: Finding the Perfect Hue

With the dark Jarrah timber now prepared for bleaching, we provided the client with a selection of samples to choose from. Understanding their preference for a lighter, yet not overly bright, finish, we worked closely with them to identify the ideal hue. After careful consideration, the client opted for a medium-tone sample that struck the perfect balance between lightness and warmth, complementing the modern aesthetic of their space.

-- After / Final Results --

The Final Look: A Satisfying Transformation

Upon completion of the project, the clients were delighted with the results. The once dark and imposing Jarrah timber flooring had been transformed into a light and inviting centerpiece that breathed new life into their home.

The medium-tone finish brought a sense of warmth and sophistication to the space, perfectly aligning with the client's vision for their renovated property. Thrilled with the outcome, the clients expressed their gratitude for our expertise and dedication to exceeding their expectations.


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