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A Modern Interior with Jarrah Timber Flooring - Brunswick

Beginning: Addressing Client Concerns

Upon entering the modern interior adorned with striking red Jarrah timber flooring, our team immediately recognized the need for restoration. The client expressed concerns about the visible wear and damage accumulated over time, highlighting the urgency for revitalization.

We assured them of our expertise and commitment to delivering exceptional results, instilling confidence in our ability to transform their space.

After Sanding: Restoration

The sanding process commenced with careful attention to detail, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment to effectively remove years of wear and tear from the Jarrah timber flooring. As the sanding progressed, the natural beauty of the timber began to emerge, with the removal of scratches, dents, and imperfections restoring the flooring to its former glory.

Our team's expertise ensured a thorough sanding process, preparing the surface for subsequent treatments and enhancing the overall appearance of the interior.

After Bleaching: Customization and Personalization

Following sanding, the client was presented with samples to choose from, allowing them to customize the look of their newly refreshed Jarrah flooring. A bleaching treatment was applied to lighten the timber and create a blank canvas for further customization. With a wide range of options available, the client selected a specific color that struck the perfect balance between brightness and warmth, aligning seamlessly with the modern aesthetic of the interior. This personalized approach ensured that the client's vision was brought to life, with the Jarrah timber flooring serving as a focal point of elegance and sophistication.

Jarrah timber bleached
Jarrah timber bleached

Sanding the Staircase: Matching Tones

In addition to the flooring, our attention to detail extended to the staircase, which presented a unique challenge due to its differing coloration. Despite this, our team was determined to achieve a seamless transition between the flooring and staircase, employing colored lime to match the hues and ensure consistency throughout the space. The meticulous craftsmanship and dedication to excellence resulted in a harmonious blend of colors, further enhancing the overall appeal of the modern interior.

Final Results: A Brighter Vision

As the project reached its conclusion, the transformation of the modern interior was nothing short of remarkable. The red Jarrah timber flooring, now refreshed and radiant, breathed new life into the space, inviting light and warmth while complementing the contemporary design. The client expressed satisfaction with the results, noting the significant improvement in the overall ambiance of their home. While there were plans for additional enhancements, the completion of this phase marked a significant step towards realizing their vision for a modern, elegant interior.


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