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Timeless Transformation of Jarrah, Tassie Oak, and Baltic Pine Flooring - Carnegie

At MyFlooring, we recently had the privilege of undertaking a captivating project that perfectly marries classic design with contemporary restoration techniques. Our client, an architect with an eye for detail, entrusted us with the task of revitalizing the intricate timber flooring in his neo-classic, Bauhaus-inspired residence.

Nestled within the architectural gem were floors adorned with the richness of Jarrah, the warmth of Tassie Oak, and the character of Baltic Pine. The late-century design, reminiscent of the Bauhaus movement, demanded a restoration that not only refreshed the floors but also celebrated their unique characteristics

Understanding the client's preference for a classic finish, we opted for wax over modern polyurethane. The wax not only provided a lustrous sheen but also enhanced the intricate details of the design. Its matte finish gracefully complemented the neo-classical allure, bringing out the natural beauty of the wood without compromising on durability.

The transformation was nothing short of spectacular. The Jarrah, Tassie Oak, and Baltic Pine now stood united, radiating warmth and sophistication. The wax finish brought out the intricate details of the design, providing a timeless allure that perfectly complemented the late-century neo-classical aesthetic.

At MyFlooring, we don't just restore floors; we breathe new life into spaces. This project stands as a testament to our commitment to preserving the essence of classic designs while incorporating modern restoration techniques. It's not just a floor; it's a masterpiece underfoot.

Embark on your own flooring journey with MyFlooring, where timeless elegance meets contemporary craftsmanship. Your dream space is just a call away.


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