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Elegant Transformation: Bleached and Limed Jarrah and Parquetry - Prahan

Revive dark and worn jarrah timber flooring with MyFlooring's expert bleaching and liming techniques. Transform it into a radiant masterpiece of bleached timber beauty.

In the realm of timber flooring transformations, few journeys are as remarkable as the story of MyFlooring's recent project. Set amidst the challenge of dark and worn jarrah timber parquetry and solid timber, MyFlooring's expert craftsmen harnessed the power of bleaching and liming techniques to breathe new life into this space.

Original Timber Flooring

The clients initially faced a dilemma: their home boasted the richness of dark jarrah timber flooring, but years of use had taken a toll, leaving it worn and lacking lustre.

After Bleached:

With meticulous precision, MyFlooring embarked on the transformative journey. The bleaching process unveiled the hidden beauty of the dark jarrah timber, gently lightening its tones and revealing the intricate grain patterns that had been concealed over time. The once-dull surface now sparkles with new life, showcasing the natural elegance that jarrah timber is known for.

But MyFlooring's expertise didn't stop at bleaching alone. Through the artistry of liming, they introduced a touch of character and depth to the timber flooring. Delicate white pigments settled into the grain, creating a mesmerizing interplay between the lightened surface and the underlying wood. The result is a striking contrast that captivates the eye and infuses the space with a unique contemporary flair.

After Bleach and Liming: Incredibly lighter then before.

The ultimate measure of success is client satisfaction, and in this project, MyFlooring has exceeded expectations. The clients are elated with the remarkable finish achieved through bleaching and liming, witnessing their once-dull and worn timber flooring transform into a radiant centrepiece. MyFlooring's commitment to customization played a vital role in this success, ensuring that the clients' unique preferences were met at every step of the process.


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