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What is composite finish

Did you know there is such a thing as composite finish? Why is it important?

Composite finishes - Semi-flexible finish

Oil modified polyurethane finish has the strength of both oil and polyurethane finishes. It provides reasonable wear resistance while allowing subtle movement within the timber- avoiding edge bonding and splitting.


Feast Watson Alkathane- Semi flexible finish

Feast Watson Alkathane
Feast Watson Alkathane

  • Composed of a penetrating finish and surface finish, it combines the benefits of both Tung oil and polyurethane for your timber. As such, more durable than using Tung oil separately, easy to spot repair and less likely to have issues such as edge bonding typical of polyurethane finishes.

  • The oil based Alkyds and urethanes adds to provide a good finish with reasonably good abrasion wear resistance

  • The outcome can provide a satin, semi-gloss appearance and will darken over time.

  • Certain places can require more frequent maintenance, especially areas with regular traffic.

  • Fine scuffs, scratches which has not compromised the overall surface finish can be mended with Tung oil and can be recoated without sanding it all the way back to bare timber.

This is one the most popular and common finishes but is slowly becoming less common due to other water based finishes being able to provide better environmental and VOC rating than oil based finishes.


Treatex Hard Wax Oil

  • A combination of oil, wax comprised of natural raw material such as linseed oil, sunflower oil, jojoba oil, beeswax, carnauba wax and candelilla wax.

  • This is a premium product available in gloss, satin and matt. It is a hard wearing, non-toxic and parts that are worn can be spot repaired.

Hard wax oil is an engineered finish with ingredients derived from plants and naturally occurring waxes. Plus highly refined mineral spirits to allow ease of application.

  • This is a remarkable finish that offers excellent durability and renewability with a very rich, lustrous finish, adding additional contrast and richness to existing timber grains.

  • This finish will not crack, blister or flake. As it is not a physical film such as polyurethane- it has microscopic pores that allow moisture to pass through without causing visible damage to the finish.

Due to this porous property, it is recommended to be used in areas of high humidity, such as kitchen, beach side homes, property in humid zones.

  • It meets German standard to resist stains from wine, cola, coffee, tea and fruit juices.

  • Spot repairs are easy. There is no need to sand back existing Treatex. For minor repairs, just scuff the damaged area with a fine steel wool, coat with a liquid wax cleaner and buff lightly till the cleaner is dry. If the damage is extensive, use hard was oil.

To ensure long lasting, beautiful finish- check for repairs on a regular basis and touch up small zones.

Treatex Hard Wax Oil
Treatex Hard Wax Oil

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