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Parquetry Flooring with Rubio Monocoat - Glen Waverley

Addressing Wear and Tear:

Upon our arrival, the parquetry flooring bore the unmistakable signs of heavy usage—scratches, grey marks, and wear patterns marred its surface. The challenge ahead was clear: to restore the flooring to its former glory and erase the evidence of years of wear and tear.

Meticulous Sanding and Prep Work:

With precision and care, we embarked on the sanding process, delicately removing imperfections while preserving the integrity of the flooring. Crucially, our meticulous approach ensured that the caulking, applied prior to our arrival, remained intact. By safeguarding the caulking, we not only saved the client money but also ensured a seamless finish.

Application of Rubio Monocoat 2C:

For the finishing touch, we recommended Rubio Monocoat 2C—a versatile solution that serves as both a sealant and finish in one. As the oil was applied, the parquetry flooring took on a deep, reddish hue, signaling the restoration of its natural beauty. While the initial color may appear intense, it will gradually mellow into a more even tone over time. For clients seeking a custom color, the option of lime application exists, though our client opted to forego this step in favor of expedited completion.

Client Satisfaction and Timely Completion:

As the project reached its conclusion, the satisfaction of our clients was palpable. Not only were they thrilled with the transformation of their parquetry flooring, but they also expressed gratitude for the efficiency of our process. In just a few short days, we had breathed new life into their space, allowing them to move in and begin enjoying their newly restored flooring without delay.

Information about Ironbark Timber Flooring:

Ironbark timber flooring is renowned for its exceptional durability and natural beauty. With its striking grain patterns and rich reddish-brown hues, Ironbark adds warmth and character to any space. Its dense, hard-wearing nature makes it ideal for high-traffic areas, ensuring longevity and resilience against daily wear and tear.

In summary, the restoration of the parquetry flooring stands as a testament to our commitment to quality craftsmanship and client satisfaction. Through meticulous attention to detail and the application of innovative solutions like Rubio Monocoat 2C, we've succeeded in transforming spaces and exceeding our clients' expectations.


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