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Preserving Beauty: Restoring Tassie Oak Oil finished - Hawthorn

As we embarked on the journey to restore our client's Tassie Oak floors, we were met with a sense of determination to breathe new life into these worn and weathered surfaces. Each plank bore the scars of time, yet underneath lay a resilient spirit waiting to be revealed.

In our quest to find the perfect solution, we engaged in numerous discussions with our client, seeking to understand their vision and desires. It was during these conversations that we learned of their apprehensions about traditional polyurethane finishes and their desire for a more durable yet low-maintenance option.

Client's Concern: Restoring Damaged Tassie Oak

Our client's Tassie Oak floors had endured significant wear and tear over the years, resulting in visible damage. However, the timber underneath remained resilient. Seeking a durable solution that wouldn't necessitate frequent sanding and renewal, the client turned to us for guidance.


Durable Solution: Opting for Rubio Monocoat Oil Finish

Understanding the client's desire for long-term durability without frequent maintenance, we recommended Rubio Monocoat oil finish over traditional polyurethane. Unlike polyurethane, which requires complete sanding and refinishing every few years, Rubio Monocoat oil penetrates the wood, offering protection while allowing for easy spot repairs and maintenance coats as needed. Its seamless blending capability ensures a flawless finish, free from visible marks.

After Sanding

Brightening the Space: Liming Tassie Oak to Perfection

To harmonize with the property's aesthetic, we opted for a bright lime finish on the Tassie Oak floors. This not only revitalized the appearance of the timber but also brought a sense of freshness and brightness to the space, enhancing its overall ambiance.

Armed with this insight, we recommended Rubio Monocoat oil finish—a choice that not only resonated with our client's practical needs but also aligned perfectly with our commitment to quality and innovation.

As we meticulously applied the Rubio Monocoat oil finish, I couldn't help but marvel at the transformation taking place before my eyes. With each stroke, the natural beauty of the Tassie Oak was accentuated, and a renewed sense of vitality emerged.

Throughout the process, we encountered challenges, as is often the case with restoration projects. Yet, it was these challenges that pushed us to innovate and adapt, ensuring that every aspect of the project was executed to perfection.

Rubio Monocoat Oil Finish Application: Exquisite Finish

The application of Rubio Monocoat oil finish brought the project to fruition, leaving the Tassie Oak floors with a stunning finish that exceeded our client's expectations. The oil enhanced the natural beauty of the timber while providing superior protection against daily wear and tear, ensuring long-lasting beauty and durability.

In the end, as our client gazed upon their revitalized Tassie Oak floors with awe and admiration, I couldn't help but feel a sense of pride. Not only had we restored their floors to their former glory, but we had also exceeded their expectations, delivering a solution that would stand the test of time.

For us, this project was more than just a job—it was a testament to our passion for craftsmanship and our dedication to exceeding our clients' expectations. And as we bid farewell to our client, I knew that their Tassie Oak floors would continue to bring joy and beauty for years to come.

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