Possible issues that can happen to your timber part 2

It is not often, but sometimes we find marks made from a DIY project.
In order to assist, we’ll highlight some possible issues and how to fix them.

Number 1: Drum machine marks.

Whenever a belt/ drum sander is used you need to be careful to lift the sander at the end of each run to blend in the start and ends.

Otherwise where ever the drum stops, an additional divot will be made. And it shoes in the final results.

Timber with sanding marks
Timber with sanding marks


Number 2: Not sanding deep enough

In order to get an even finish, you need to sand as much as possible. Any existing blemish, un-removed sealant, deep scratches, dents, will be visible in the final. And even worse, will prevent the new finish from bonding to the polished timber.

So to prevent that, try to sand as much as possible with the correct sanding tool, such as a drum sander and edge sanders.

Timber not sanded back enough
Timber not sanded back enough

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