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How to Maintain with Synteko Solid Oil

Synteko solid is a penetrating oil that soaks into the wood and hardens into a protective coating and required a different way of cleaning and maintaining

Important Guidelines for a New Floor:

After applying a fresh coat, allow 24-48 hours for the floor to cure completely.

For the first 4-5 weeks:

  • Avoid tracking dirt and water spillage onto the floor.

  • After the initial 24-48 hour cure, limit traffic to very light use.

Regular Maintenance:

  • Use an electrostatic sweep mop to regularly sweep the entire finished area. Removing dirt and dust is crucial for maintaining the pristine finish.

  • In case of spills, clean them up promptly using a cloth dampened with a 1:20 diluted solution of Synteko soap 1617 and warm water.

  • For stubborn stains, dilute Synteko Remover 1692 or use Synteko Recover 1620, followed by Synteko soap for particularly stubborn stains.

Periodic Maintenance:

  • Clean the floor by mopping with a damp cloth soaked in a 1:100 dilution of Synteko Remover 1692 and warm water.

  • Allow the floor to dry and then apply Synteko Recover 1620 to the cleaned area. Buff it in with a polishing buffer machine using a red pad. Note that new red pads may absorb some oil initially.

  • After 20 minutes, polish the surface with a dry, non-flocculent cloth or a white pad.

  • In heavy traffic areas, consider applying an additional coat of Synteko Recover 1620 for added protection.

If there is any additional questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at or just fill out our online quote form found below if there is an upcoming project that you would like some advice on. We'll try our best to help out as much as we can.

Good luck on your upcoming project!

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