How to Maintain Surface finishes

With a little care, your timber floor can look luxurious and continue to hold its vibrancy over many years.

Surface finishes

Polyurethane finished – Oil Modified, Water Based polyurethane

Protecting the surface

  • Please do not place rugs or other coverings on the floor till two weeks after final coat has been applied.

  • After two weeks, place tracking mats in front of any exterior entry way (protect against dust, dirt)

  • Please tracking mats in front of sinks, refrigerators and in heavy traffic areas

  • Please be aware that some rubber backed, foam backed, non-slip rugs contain additives that may discolour the floor.

  • Please attach felt pads on the ends of chair legs, table legs, and other furniture to prevent scratches.

  • Never wax the ends of chair legs.

  • Clean on a regular basis

  • Dust, mop, and vacuum the floor on a regular basis.

  • Spills and heavy dirt marks may require more than just dust mopping. To clean thoroughly- lightly sponge mop using general detergent.

  • Please be careful to use a damp cloth rather than a wet cloth, as excess water can damage the floor over time.

  • Please refrain from using oil soaps, liquid ammonia, bleach, vinegar to clean the floor.

Things to remember

  • Some cleaners and polishes can damage the surface.

  • Never use wax, silicon based finish, paste wax, solvent based cleaners, or fine based cleaners.

  • Wax or polish can make the floor more difficult to clean and can potentially create issues when the floor finish require refinishing.


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