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Worn Gum Bleached and finished in Matt - Coburg

Well worn Gum timber given a new bleached, face-lifted renovation.

Before- The timber flooring was worn through general wear and tear, but thankfully there were no internal nor deep damage. Which means with a simple sanding and polish, a large majority of the scuff can be removed.

The client wanted a new light finish, which was achieved through bleaching and adding a simple water-based finish in Matt. A lovely finish.

This is the timber after just the bleach- The timber is raw at this stage and must be protected. The colour is a highly contrasting and bright complexion.

Once a colour has been sealed a water-based finish is applied. This does change the colour, bringing a lot of the warmth that was lost during the bleach.

After: After a few more coats and soft polish, the matt finish looks amazing with the new bleached colouring of the timber.

Transforming from a reddish, orange complexion to a cool, light colour, but still holding onto a lot of the warmth that natural timber gives to the interior. Overall very happy with how it turned out.


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