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Tasmanian Oak Limed in white wash - Brighton

Reviving Yellowing Tasmanian Timber Flooring with Lime Wash Renovation

Bring back the beauty of your Tasmanian timber flooring with our expert lime wash renovation. If your timber flooring has yellowed or turned orange over time, our process of applying a lime wash will restore its natural lightness, creating a fresh and modern appearance.

To ensure long-lasting results, we finish with a water-based, non-yellowing solution that will protect the flooring from future deterioration. Experience the warmth and texture of your Tasmanian timber flooring once again with our lime wash renovation. Enhance the look of your property and showcase the natural beauty of your timber flooring for years to come.


After: The transformation is remarkable, with the yellow tint completely removed and a modern look achieved through the lime wash. The added protection of a water-based, non-yellowing finish ensures the fresh look will last for years to come. Our client can now enjoy their beautiful Tasmanian timber flooring, with confidence that it will maintain its stunning appearance. We hope they are thrilled with the end result and continue to love their new and improved interior.


The lime wash process is a cost-effective and efficient way to rejuvenate old Tasmanian timber flooring and bring it back to its former glory. Not only does it remove yellowing and discolouration, but it also provides a modern, stylish finish that enhances the natural beauty of the timber. With the added protection of a water-based, non-yellowing finish, the end result is a floor that will last for years to come, looking just as good as the day it was installed.

For those looking to update their interior and revive their old Tasmanian timber flooring, a lime wash is the perfect solution. With its quick and easy application, it offers a cost-effective and stunning transformation, making it the perfect choice for anyone looking to upgrade their property.


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