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From Reds to Oaky: Timber Bleaching Sydney Blue Gum - Parkville

Sydney Blue Gum, renowned for its rich and captivating reddish tones, stands as one of the favorites among timber aficionados. Yet, as preferences evolve and designs shift, the demand for versatile treatments like timber bleaching becomes paramount. Our recent foray into transforming a Sydney Blue Gum floor showcases the remarkable potential of this technique.

The Original Palette: Sydney Blue Gum's Radiance

Upon first glance, Sydney Blue Gum's deep reddish hue is undeniably striking. It offers warmth and depth, creating a bold statement for any space. However, the richness of this hue, while beautiful, might not always align with every homeowner's aesthetic aspirations.

The Magic of Timber Bleaching

Enter timber bleaching, a transformative process that alters the intrinsic color palette of wood. When applied to Sydney Blue Gum, the results were nothing short of spectacular. The once dominant reddish undertones gradually lightened, revealing a brighter and more neutral base.

Sealing in Brilliance: Water-based Clear Finish

To protect and amplify the beauty of the newly bleached floor, we opted for a water-based clear finish. This finish not only encapsulates the timber, preserving its new oaky look, but also enhances the wood's natural grain and patterns without introducing additional tints or shades.


The metamorphosis of the Sydney Blue Gum, post timber bleaching and finishing, serves as a testament to the adaptability of timber. It underscores that, with the right techniques, one can pivot from a bold statement to a subtle and refined elegance, ensuring the floor seamlessly melds with any interior design vision.


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