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Engineered Timber Flooring with Rubio Oil - Sth Yarra

In the realm of luxury flooring, engineered timber holds an unrivaled allure. However, over time, even the most exquisite floors may lose their luster. In this blog post, we explore the art of restoring expensive engineered timber flooring to its original glory using Rubio oil. Discover how this remarkable oil not only seals and protects the timber but also enhances its opulence, imparting a specific lustre that sets it apart from other finishes.

Before: a lot of wear and tear, but also the timber has lost its lustre- as seen from the sheen.

After sanding: a simple sanding and care can remove a lot of existing damage, but engineered timber needs very specific care.

What sets Rubio oil apart is its ability to achieve a lustre that surpasses traditional polyurethane finishes, offering an unmatched sense of luxury. As it blankets the engineered timber, Rubio oil creates a captivating allure that permeates the room. Your floor transforms into a mesmerizing centrepiece, radiating a richness that simply cannot be replicated.

While Rubio oil enhances aesthetics, it also provides practical benefits. Acting as an exceptional sealant, it forms a protective layer that safeguards the engineered timber from everyday wear and tear. This ensures the longevity and durability of your investment, allowing you to relish in the splendour of your restored engineered timber floor for years to come.

After: the main living room.

Preserving the Environment with Engineered Timber: Rubio oil also champions environmental sustainability. Crafted from natural ingredients, it minimizes its impact on the ecosystem, making it a responsible choice for your home. By selecting Rubio oil for your engineered timber flooring restoration, you not only rejuvenate your space but also contribute to a greener future.

Conclusion: Revel in the opulence and allure of expensive engineered timber flooring as Rubio oil works its transformative magic. Experience the richness and sophistication that only this exceptional oil can provide. As your floor is restored to its original glory, immerse yourself in the unmatched beauty and lustre it exudes—a result that distinguishes Rubio oil from other finishes. Embrace the journey of restoring engineered timber's grandeur and indulge in the elevated elegance of your revitalized floor. With Rubio oil, your engineered timber flooring becomes a testament to enduring luxury and timeless grandeur.


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