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Beautiful Old Messmate Limed and Finished in Matt - Melbourne CBD

Antique Messmate refinished, in a light Lime wash finished in Matt. In a beautiful, historic building in the heart of the Melbourne CBD.

Before- The timber is well worn, with marks and divots significant. The client wanted to transform the overall aesthetics of the building to something more homely and brighter. The only issue with this building is that during winter it receives close to zero natural direct sun, making the interior feel cluttered and dark.

Middle- During the sanding process, we present samples to colour test and explain what type of colours would be viable. This also helps our clients understand the limitations and what to expect on the final results. Communications is key.

After- A beautiful finish. Right where the light touches the interior, bringing warmth and brightness to large spacious interior. This lime wash defiantly increases the homely feelings whilst also being pragmatic, easy to clean and maintain. It'll hold for the long run.


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