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Transforming Dark Jarrah Timber, Bleaching Flooring - Armadale

Introduction: Jarrah bleaching

At MyFlooring, we were excited yet nervous when a client referred by an interior designer approached us with a unique challenge. The client had a very dark and reddish Jarrah timber floor that they wanted to transform into a more modern, brown shade without the red tones. We were ready to tackle this specific task and deliver the perfect result.

Client Concerns and Our Solutions

The client’s main concern was removing the redness from the Jarrah timber and achieving a modern brown look. To address this, we proposed bleaching the timber floors to strip away the red hue and then providing various stain samples for the client to choose from.

The Design for the Client

After bleaching the timber, we presented the client with multiple stain options. The client selected the stain that best matched their vision of a modern, lightly browned floor.

Benefits of Bleaching Timber Floors

  1. Colour Neutralisation: Bleaching effectively removes unwanted red tones, providing a neutral base for new stains.

  2. Enhanced Aesthetics: It allows for a more consistent and even application of new stains, resulting in a uniform and modern look.

  3. Versatility: Bleached timber can be customised with various stains to achieve the desired colour and finish.

By incorporating these benefits, we ensured the client received a high-quality, modern flooring solution that met their expectations.

The Outcome

The final result was stunning. The Jarrah timber floors, now bleached and stained with a custom mix, had a beautiful, lightly browned appearance. The client was thrilled with the transformation and left glowing reviews on our Google page, praising the quality of our work and the modern look of their new floors.


This project showcases our ability to transform outdated timber floors into modern masterpieces. If you're looking to update your Jarrah timber flooring, consider the benefits of bleaching and custom staining. At MyFlooring, we are committed to delivering exceptional results for our clients.


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