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Past & Present: Applying Oil on Pine for a Unique Vintage Finish - Richmond

Baltic pine timber floors, known for their rich heritage and unparalleled character, offer an exceptional canvas for reinvention. In our latest project, we embarked on a captivating journey, artfully combining sanding, distressing, staining, and oiling techniques to give these floors a mesmerizing transformation.

The Art of Distressing: A Tale of Two Timbers

The project was unique in its diversity. The older sections of baltic pine, steeped in history, sat alongside newer additions. Our first task was distressing the wood, using wire brushes to add depth and texture. This process primed the wood, ensuring it was receptive to the upcoming treatments.

Custom Staining: A Personal Touch

Given the client's vision, a custom stain was crafted to perfection. Before settling on the final hue, we presented a range of samples, ensuring the chosen tone would seamlessly bridge the old with the new. The result? An infusion of contemporary grey tones on the newer pine, juxtaposed beautifully against the deep warmth of the vintage sections.

Rubio Monocoat Oil: The Final Flourish

Applying oil on pine, especially the Rubio Monocoat Oil, was the pièce de résistance. Celebrated for its matte finish, this oil doesn't just protect; it amplifies. The vintage Baltic pine absorbed the oil, enhancing its intrinsic warmth, while the newer pine sections gleamed with a modern luster, enriching the overall ambiance of the property.

New Edition Timber

Original Timber


The interplay of vintage charm and modern elegance achieved by applying oil on pine stands as a testament to the versatility of Baltic pine and the transformative power of expert craftsmanship. At MyFlooring, we don't just restore; we reimagine, ensuring each timber floor tells a story that resonates with its space and its owner.

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