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Timber Bleaching and Restoration: Reviving Jarrah - Mornington

Timber has a timeless allure, but even the most beautiful woods like Jarrah can sometimes need a little rejuvenation. Our recent project with a client highlighted the wonders of timber bleaching and restoration, as we transformed red and slightly cupped Jarrah floorboards into a masterpiece.

The Initial Challenge

Walking into the client's home, it was evident that the Jarrah floorboards had seen better days. Their innate deep-red hue was striking, yet the evident cupping - a form of wood warping - diminished their visual appeal. The client’s vision was clear: a smoother, warmer interior ambience.

Sanding to Perfection: A Raw Canvas

The journey began by addressing the cupping. By sanding the floorboards meticulously, we not only eliminated the unevenness but also stripped the timber down to its raw form. This provided a clean slate, essential for the subsequent timber bleaching process.

Timber Bleaching: Lightening the Hue

Jarrah, known for its robust red undertones, can dominate a room’s ambiance. The client desired a subtler, warmer feel, which brought us to the process of timber bleaching. Carefully applying the bleaching agent, we gradually lightened the Jarrah, reducing its overpowering redness while preserving its natural grain and charm.

Liming: A Touch of Elegance

With the Jarrah bleached to the desired hue, it was time to further refine the look. Liming, a technique of whitewashing, was introduced. This not only added depth and texture but also enhanced the bleached effect, resulting in a floor that radiated warmth and elegance.

Conclusion: A Transformational Journey

The metamorphosis of the Jarrah floorboards from their cupped and intensely red state to a smooth, bleached, and limed finish is a testament to the potential locked within timber. At MyFlooring, our commitment to understanding the essence of timber and the vision of our clients is unwavering. Whether it's timber bleaching, sanding, or any other form of restoration, we believe in unlocking and accentuating the true beauty of wood.


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