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Custom Colour Blend with Engineered Timber - Camberwell

Deeply satisfying task- Colour blending. This time it was a request to both lighten the timber generally, but also to blend to the existing staircase. The colour of the staircase cannot be changed and the final result needed to be closest to the existing tone. I believe we completed this task excellently.

Before- As you could see, the overall timber is worn and faded over time. Much more visible nearer to the back entry where a lot of sunlight exposure has changed the tone compared to the rest of the property. The staircase is our main focus where we had to refurbish the floor, add a lighter complexion but also try to match the staircase colour as closely as possible.

Sample- we had to make a lot of samples, This is some of the attempts at getting a similar, satisfactory colour to the staircase. Many attempts had to be made to make sure we get as close as we can get.

After- The colour is definitely lighter. But not too light where it escapes the blending of tones between the existing staircase and the new timber flooring. I believe we did a great job, our client was very happy at the result.


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