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Harmonizing Bleached Jarrah with Existing Staircase - Ascot Vale

Mastering the Match: Bleached Jarrah Floorboards Meet a Distinctive Staircase

Jarrah Timber, with its intricate grains and natural hues, often becomes the star of any room it graces. However, ensuring harmony between different types of wood within a home can be a daunting challenge. At MyFlooring, we recently embarked on a project where we needed to bring together the rich tones of Jarrah floorboards with a uniquely different timber staircase.

The Challenge

The existing staircase, crafted from a timber species distinctly different from the Jarrah floor, set a tone that the homeowners loved. The objective? To bleach the Jarrah timber flooring in such a manner that its lightness and color matched the stairs. However, given the intrinsic color and grain of Jarrah, achieving this harmony was no small feat.

Stairs and Jarrah Mismatch

Bleaching Jarrah to Perfection

Jarrah, renowned for its rich red hue, required a meticulous approach to bleaching. The aim was to lighten the floorboards without compromising the quality and natural character of the timber. Enter the bleached Jarrah floorboards technique. By delicately lifting the natural color, we managed to mirror the lightness of the staircase.

Limed and Colour Blended

Liming and Finishing: A Seamless Blend

With the Jarrah floorboards reaching the desired lightness, the next step was blending the colors to match the staircase. Liming, a whitewashing technique, was the chosen method. It not only enhanced the grain but also allowed for a fusion of colors, bringing the floorboards closer to the staircase's hue.

To protect and amplify the beauty of the newly bleached Jarrah floorboards, we applied a clear water-based finish. This finishing touch accentuated the timber's grain, ensuring a durable, striking, and cohesive look.


The journey from deep-red Jarrah to bleached Jarrah floorboards, harmoniously matching a distinct staircase, showcases our dedication to bespoke timber transformations. It’s not just about altering the color, but about understanding the essence of the space and the vision of the homeowners. At MyFlooring, we take pride in turning challenges into masterpieces.


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