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Reveal. Brighten. Amaze.

Transform the Heart of Your Home: Turn Dark Timber to Radiant Light with MyFlooring's Expert Bleaching Service in Melbourne.

What Bleaching can Do for you

Brighten Your Home with Our Bleaching Services.

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Our Experience

For years, we've mastered the art of timber bleaching, transforming countless red, dark floors into bright, modern masterpieces. Our track record stands as a testament to our expertise, instilling confidence in every homeowner seeking a luminous interior transformation.

See our Over 20 Years of Experience

Revealing Natural Beauty

Bleaching accentuates the innate elegance of timber, unmasking its understated grains and textures. MyFlooring stands out in its meticulous process, ensuring each plank's inherent beauty shines through.

 Amplifying Room Brightness

Lightened floors have the power to capture and reflect more ambient light, infusing spaces with a radiant, airy ambiance. With MyFlooring's bleaching techniques, interiors gain a depth of brightness that redefines the essence of the room. 

Flexibility and Cost-Effectiveness

Dive into the world of light timber flooring without the hassle and expense of complete replacements. MyFlooring's bleaching process offers homeowners the flexibility to refresh and modernize their existing dark timber floors. Achieve your desired aesthetic effortlessly, making your vision come alive without starting from scratch.

Modern, Safe, and Versatile Bleaching

At MyFlooring, we've transitioned to cutting-edge bleach formulae that are significantly less hazardous than traditional timber bleaches. Not only is this approach safer, but it also primes the timber flawlessly. This meticulous preparation ensures the floor is receptive to any hue or finish you desire, be it dark stains, delicate liming, or vibrant coloured oils. 

Considering timber bleaching? Contact MyFlooring to see if Bleaching is right for you.

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Need to know More?

Find out more about Bleaching and Liming and if it fits your vision!

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