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Revitalizing Mixed Timber Flooring with Hard Wax Finish - Caulfield


Mixed timber flooring holds a unique charm, with various wood species coming together to create a distinctive tapestry underfoot. We recently revisited a client's home to re-wax their mixed timber floor, and the project turned out to be more than a simple refinishing. As they added new rooms, they uncovered some stained timber under the old carpet. This blog post explores the journey of refreshing mixed timber flooring, highlights the necessity of re-sanding over time, and underscores the opportunities for renovations during the process, all while emphasizing the beauty of a hard wax finish.

Mixed Timber Flooring: A Tapestry of Wood:

Mixed timber flooring is known for its captivating blend of wood species, each with its unique character and color. Over time, however, these unique traits may become masked by wear and tear. The re-waxing of this client's mixed timber floor presented an opportunity to rediscover and rejuvenate the wood's inherent beauty.

The Surprise: Uncovering Stained Timber:

Adding new rooms to their home, our client removed the old carpet, only to reveal stained timber underneath. These stains were a testament to the wood's history, and they begged for attention. At this point, we realized the project was not just about re-waxing but also included necessary refinishing to address the stains.

Opportunity for Renovations: The re-sanding process presented a unique opportunity for our client. They decided to seize the moment and carry out some renovations as well. With the timber floor partially or fully sanded, they had the flexibility to explore various design options. This included changing the stain color, upgrading baseboards, or even reimagining the layout of certain rooms. It was a chance to breathe new life into their space while preserving the timeless appeal of the timber floor.

Wood Wax Finish: The Final Touch: After the timber floor was re-sanded, we applied a hard wax finish. A hard wax finish is an ideal choice for mixed timber flooring, as it not only enhances the natural beauty of the wood but also adds a protective layer. The result was a rich, warm, and lustrous surface that brought out the distinctive characteristics of each timber species.

Conclusion: Rediscovering Beauty and Opportunity: The process of refreshing mixed timber flooring can be a journey of rediscovery. Over time, timber may require re-sanding to unveil its hidden charm and address stains or imperfections. This journey also offers an exciting opportunity for renovations, allowing homeowners to re-imagine their living spaces. With the finishing touch of a hard wax finish, the timber floor not only looks stunning but also gains protection and durability. In the world of timber flooring, every refinishing project has the potential to transform a space, adding both renewed beauty and opportunities for change.


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