How to maintain your new Floor

With a little care, your timber floor can look luxurious   and continue to hold its vibrancy over many years.

The type of maintenance depends on the final product finish selected.


Surface finishes

Polyurethane finished – Oil Modified, Water Based polyurethane

Protecting the surface

  • Please do not place rugs or other coverings on the floor till two weeks after final coat has been applied.

  • After two weeks, place tracking mats in front of any exterior entry way (protect against dust, dirt)

  • Please tracking mats in front of sinks, refrigerators and in heavy traffic areas

  • Please be aware that some rubber backed, foam backed, non-slip rugs contain additives that may discolour the floor.

  • Please attach felt pads on the ends of chair legs, table legs, and other furniture to prevent scratches.

  • Never wax the ends of chair legs.

Clean on a regular basis

  • Dust, mop, and vacuum the floor on a regular basis.

  • Spills and heavy dirt marks may require more than just dust mopping. To clean thoroughly- lightly sponge mop using general detergent.

  • Please be careful to use a damp cloth rather than a wet cloth, as excess water can damage the floor over time.

  • Please refrain from using oil soaps, liquid ammonia, bleach, vinegar to clean the floor.

Things to remember

  • Some cleaners and polishes can damage the surface.

  • Never use wax, silicon based finish, paste wax, solvent based cleaners, or fine based cleaners.

  • Wax or polish can make the floor more difficult to clean and can potentially create issues when the floor finish require refinishing.


Penetrating Oil finishes


Synteko Solid Oil

Synteko solid is a penetrating oil that soaks into the wood and hardens into a protective coating.

New floor

  • After a fresh new coat is applied, please allow a 24- 48 hour timeframe to cure.

  • Avoid tracking dirt, water spillage for the first 4-5 weeks

  • After the initial 24- 48 hour cure, very light traffic is possible.

Regular Maintenance

  •  As often as possible, the entire finished area should be swept with an electrostatic sweep mop.

  • The removal of dirt and dust is a key component in keeping the finish pristine.

  • Whenever a spillage occurs, please use a 1:20 diluted Synteko soap 1617 with warm water and with a well wrung cloth, clean up the spill

  • Use Synteko Remover 1692 diluted with warm water or Synteko Recover 1620 for stubborn stains proceeded by Synteko soap for stubborn stains.

Periodic Maintenance

  • Clean the floor with a damp mop with Synteko Remover 1692 diluted with warm water at 1:100.

  • Allow to dry then recoat the clean area with Synteko Recover 1620 buffed in with a polishing buffer machine using a red pad (note: new red pads will absorb a certain amount of oil)

  • Let the surface dry for 20minutes and polish with a dry, non-flocculent cloth or white pad.

  • On heavy traffic areas, it may be required to apply an extra Recover 1620 for additional protection.


Rubio Monocoat Oil


  • Once fully cured, cleaning should be done with only recommended Monocoat products.

  • Prior to curing, the surface can be dry mopped/ vacuumed.

  • Once cured-

    • Surface Care Spray: Ready to use, non-residue cleaner.

    • Natural Soap: concentrated version of Surface Care Spray to be used diluted.

  • Please use the Care spray as per product instructions.

Curing time

  • Oil plus & 2C Part A: 21 days

  • Oil plus 2C A&B: 7 days

  • UV Oil: upon installation

Restoration & Rejuvenation

  • Restoration is a simple process that can be carried out anytime. Most residents will do a restoration every 3-5 years.

  • Most commercial restore every 1-3 years due to higher traffic wear.

  • The products to use:

    • Refresh: Used to restore the surface texture of the finish.

    • Universal Maintenance Oil: Protects and refreshes the oil wooden surface, and adds a soft satin lustre to the timber finish.

Spot Repairs

  • Monocoat natural oil finish bonding technology allow after finish local touch up of minor damages/ scratches.

  • Instructions:

    • Sand the damaged area and expose the raw wood underneath

    • Dampen the area with water and wait to dry.

    • Apply oil with cotton cloth; the same colour blend as the surrounding finish.

    • Let it react for 10 minutes, wipe off excess oil with a cloth.

    • Dampen with Monocoat oil

    • For very minor scratches, follow the instructions above but skip the sanding step.


Regular Maintenance Polishing service: Special service from MyFlooring

Once you have chosen MyFlooring’s professional service, for selected timber floor finishes, you may request regular maintenance.
Finishes where a maintenance service is available and may be required:

Hardwax oil

[Treatex Oil]

Penetrating Oil

[Synteko Solid, Rubio Monocoat]

Tung Oil

[Featwatson, Intergrain]

Oil Modified

[Altathane, UMO]