Possible issues

Although not common, if you see these issues on your timber- hopefully we can explain why it happens.



Peeling is a visual issue, where the surface varnish is peeling off, exposing the unfinished timber below. Exposing it to dust, dirt, and moisture.

Some common causes:

  • If the surface finished with a solvent/ oil/ water based polyurethane. Normally, in order to create a solid bond between layers, each surface needs to be scuffed.
    If not, the above layer will not adhere and start to peel off a couple of months after completion.

  • If the existing timber is prone to oil- such as brush box, spotted gum, cypress, tallowwood, the surface needs to be primed before applying the top coat. Otherwise it will not adhere and peel off.

  • Minute timber movement can delaminate the surface.

  • If the wrong mix of water/ oil/ solvent based finish is used and not completely left to dry. It can peel.

  • If the timber has been finished previously with an oil, it will needs to be sanded back to raw timber and all oil residue to be cleaned before a polyurethane finish can be applied.