How to reduce your footprint


Choose natural finishes such as Hardwax, wax, oil finishes. Not only is it non-toxic and contains minimal harmful chemicals. Some products such as Synteko has 100% VOC free.

They do require additional love and care compared to Polyurethane to maintain however with the proper care- they can last a life-time.


Volatile Organic Compounds

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Potential health issues

In Utero Workplace Injuries: Children Harmed By Solvents During Pregnancy By Richard Alexander

It is difficult to find accurate information in relation to hazardous ingredients in solvent borne floor finish, in particular of a carcinogen Toluene Diisocyanate [TDI] Exposure to TDI and related compounds is well known to result in skin and lung sensitization among workers and has been documented to cause asthma, lung damage, and in severe cases, fatal reactions.
TDI is utilized in the manufacture of coatings, sealants, adhesives, and elastomers.