Stain vs Lime which is right for you?

Both are perfectly great methods of adding colour to your timber flooring- but which is right for you?

Is there a difference? YES!

If we are able to think about stain and liming as adding colour to a canvas, then it is simpler to understand.

Stain adds colour to light parts of timber, while Lime adds colour to the dark parts.

Stain is normally a darker colour than that of the timber.

This allows the pigment to be absorbed into the timber granting a desired colour.

However, it affects lighter parts the most resulting is an overall dark complexion.

This is great if you prefer contrast, and to be able to see the intricate grain patterns or prefer a darker mood.


Lime/ wash affects the timber is another way. Which is to add colour to the dark areas of the timber, brightening the overall complex of the timber.

Not to say all lime wash is dark- we can also do a dark lime wash.

However, it is more often that clients want a lighter/ brighter property and that's why we offer the lime wash service.

This has a downside, since the lime does block timber grains a little due to its opaque nature, less contrasting elements of the grain is visible.

However, a large majority of our clients don't seem to mind it at all.

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Good luck on your upcoming project!

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