Flexible Finish in Detail

Want to know more about Oils and Wax for your timber flooring? Here's details you might want to know before making a decision!

General Info

  • Most penetrating finishes are non-toxic and hypo-allergenic.

  • There are no issues with edge bonding, cracking.

  • Minor repairs and scratch masking can be made without sanding the floor again.

Finish sheen level-

Penetrating oils are absorbed into the fibres and thus generally results in matt/ satin finishes.

Finish feel-

If you touch the timber, since it is a soft finish, the timber grain and textures will be felt to the touch.


So what’s my Options?


Rubio Monocoat

An all-natural oil wood floor finish. VOC free and completely non-toxic product of extraordinary durability.

Available colour ranges more than 30 colour finishes and can be applied in a single coating.

  • All monocoats are easily maintained and provide a subtle lustre that reveals and complements, rather than conceals, the natural timber grain and patina in the wood.

  • Monocoat finishes adheres with the first microns of wood by molecular bonding. As a result, Monocoat Natural Oil can cover an average 400 sq. ft. of floor per litre. In addition, because of molecular bonding, no surface film can form, and no variable saturation can occur. Not only is a second coat not required, the finished wood will not accept a second coat. The same action protects against overlaps and colour variance and causes the process to complete in one coat.

  • Monocoat natural oil finish bonding technology allows local touch up of damaged areas or scratches, because only the free wood fibres will take the touch-up coating. The finished margins next to the scratched or damaged area will not accept new coats. After 10 minutes, just wipe away superfluous oil. There is no overlapping or additional density build-up at the margins.

Rubio Monocoat finish
Rubio Monocoat finish


Loba Impact oil

Penetrating oil

  • A durable two component hard oil for wood floors. Based on 100% natural vegetable oils, HS 2K Impact Oil and contains no solvents, water or waxes. Available in transparent and 10 designer colours for a beautiful satin sheen. HS 2K Impact Oil fortifies and protects from within.

Recommended Use:

  • For high traffic commercial areas.

  • Suitable for wood floors.

  • 100% solids – solvent free

  • Natural satin appearance

  • Excellent water resistance, also suitable for bathrooms, kitchens and other rooms exposed to high humidity

  • Increased anti-slip class R10 according to BGR 181 and DIN 51130.

  • Easy and ergonomic application

  • Time-saving application in 1 day

  • Very low consumption

  • Available in transparent and 10 designer colours for a beautiful satin sheen.

Loba Impact oil Penetrating oil
Loba Impact oil Penetrating oil


Synteko Natural

Penetrating oil

  • A natural alkyd based, high solid oil which achieves a great quality finish and also environmentally friendly.

  • A versatile hard oil with high durability- able to be used in yoga studios, gyms, homes, where high, bare-feet traffic is expected. Although durable, it is also comfortable to walk on.

  • Synteko Natural oil is 100% VOC free, penetrates into the timber surface. It does have a cure time period and hardens on the surface in addition to adding strength within the wooden fibres resulting a very high wear resistant finish but also becomes a part of the timber.

  • A distinguishing feature of Synteko Natural compared to other penetrating surface oils is that it is close to 100% solids. This results in a very high quality floor finish but also environmentally friendly compared to other floor finish types.

  • Synteko Natural oil finish provides excellent surface protection, easy to maintain, feels comfortable to bare feet, wear resistant and also, if maintenance correctly, will prevent the wooden floor from ever having to be re-sanded back.

  • No additional protective sealant/ coating is required to ensure the health and longevity of the timber.

Synteko Natural Penetrating oil
Synteko Natural Penetrating oil


So that is a much more detailed look at some flexible finishes that we offer our clients. Thank you~!

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