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What is finish/ top coating/ lacquer? They all pretty much serve the same purpose: to protect the timber.

With timber being a naturally porous material it is constantly exposed to outside elements such as moisture, dust, dirt, oils, etc. Thus, we need to protect the timber with a finish.

Generally, we use two different types of finish:

1. Water based polyurethane and

2. Oil/ wax based product

We would recommend going to the company and doing some additional research.

Please see our list of products we have been using the for the last 20 years.


Water based products:

1.Porters clear cote: a great cost effective solution to a surface finish in a low sheen.

2.Intergrain Enviropro Endure 2 Pack: Our most popular product, great, hard wearing and does not yellow over time. With love VOC.

3.Bona Traffic HD: Our higher ended product for families focused on low VOC for health and children. Also hard wearing and versatile. .

Oil based product:

1.Rubio Monocoat: a beautiful oil that brings out colours and textures within the timber. It's possible to also repair/ provide maintenance over time.

2.Synteko Natural: A very low VOC option for health and children, brings great texture and a soft timber feel.

Wax based product:

1.Treatex Evolution: One of our only wax finish option, focused on bringing both visual texture and hard wearing to our clients. But sometimes reduces brightness with low matt finish.

If there is any additional questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at or just fill out our online quote form found below if there is an upcoming project that you would like some advice on. We'll try our best to help out as much as we can.

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